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Amina B. McWhirter

Founder / Executive Director

Started non-profit foundation in September 2012

501 c 3 non-profit status in March 2014

Bershan Shaw Shero 3 C's Award 2015

Cheryl Wood Luminary Award 2015

President Obama Lifetime Achievement Award 2016

L.I.F.E. Ambassadors Award 2016

W.E.P.A. (Women Empowerment Phenomenal Achievement Award) 2016

Calvary Women's Shelter Rock Star Volunteer Award 2017

This organization started from Amina loving to help people. The countless hours that she has volunteered in many women shelters in the D.C. area shows it. Amina has a heart for people, to empower and inspire them for greatness regardless of their current situation.

Her love for handbags compelled her to add a unique twist to the concept of Love By The Handles. All donations must be presented to the recipients in a bag with a handle attached with an uplifting message of hope!

Amina is as an Inspirational Speaker, also known as The Goal Strategist. She is an accomplished author of Shh...No More Be Free & Live Life. Amina wants to break the silence on issues that women are experiencing; especially issues on abuse, relationship problems and other things that may be causing unhappiness. ALL proceeds of her first book goes directly back to Love By The Handles to help further the work that she does in the community.

"In order to be blessed you must first be a blessing" - Amina ;-)


DaMali Rector, President

Emily Brookshire, Vice President

Sheena Moten, Secretary

Elijah Hopper, interim Treasurer

Cheryl Danner, Emeritus Member

Lisa Matthews

Jennifer Baldwin

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