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"Loving The Community One Bag at a Time"

Events and Programs

2018 BENEFIT DINNER on April 5th

This is to celebrate 5 years as an organization! 

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Get Educated and
Make a Difference

Domestic Violence Awareness is every month for us. Get educated on domestic violence and abuse. Listen, support and never judge a victim.

Donate Your Old Cell Phone

We collect old cell phones to help victims of domestic violence become survivors. If you have an old phone, join in our mission to provide communication access.

Love By The Handles, Inc. is a growing 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that serves individuals in transition within the D.C. Metro area. We create Love Outreach events / programs for the community and partner with other local organizations. We are committed to support and encourage people in need.

We are all about LOVE!

"Loving The Community One Bag At A Time"